We put together racing partnerships by offering fractional ownership in our horses to a small group of people varying from 10-25 people per horse.

Absolutely not. Each partner acknowledges that participation in each partnership is for the purpose of sharing in the enjoyment of the horses and the tremendous value of experiencing thoroughbred ownership. Partnerships pool their resources to make this venture affordable.

By purchasing a thoroughbred through a partnership such as ZRS you reduce your risk by pooling your money with other investors. Like you, your prospective partners have an admiration for the sport but might not want to spend $40,000 a year to keep the horse racing.

Horseracing is a risky business. You don't want to "bet the farm" on a horse that may never lift a foot. Partnerships allow you to experience all the joys and excitement of racehorse ownership without the risk of 100% ownership and without the hassle of day-to-day management.

The horses we purchase will range in price from $25,000 to $200,000.  Claiming partnerships will typically have a budget of up to $10-50,000. We hope to get the best talent we can afford, and run our horses at the highest possible levels.

ZRS offers two partnership options to better suit your preferences. Most of our partnerships operate under the Standard Model, in which partners pay their share of the horse’s price and ongoing expenses. Partners receive their share of race earnings.  The Standard Partnership Model requires a minimum participation rate of 3%.

The second is the Zero Expense Model, in which partners pay their share of the horse’s price plus a one-time administrative/bookeeping cost of 10%. The trainer will pay for all expenses while retaining a larger portion of the earning. The Zero Expense Model requires a minimum participation rate of 5%. This model applies to only a limited amount of our claiming partnerships.

Mike Piazza makes the final decision as to which horses will become part of our stable.  He does this with the assistance of the trainer, and bloodstock agent.

There are three ways that ZRS makes money.  First is the sale of the horse at a reasonable markup. The second is through a percentage of the net purse earnings. Third is through a commission on the sale of the horse above its original purchase price, or commissions on stud/breeding fees.

ZRS will facilitate the licensing process for you. We will provide you with all documents necessary including the state application, directions, and fingerprinting cards as well as submit your application for you to be sure everything goes smoothly. The process takes between two and four weeks depending on the time of the year.  In some cases, licenses can be done in person with us at the track!  We will also assist you with getting your credentials and parking pass!

Yes!  We strongly encourage it! Each track offers its own excitement, and we want owners to experience every single bit of it.  From backstretch visits, to meeting the trainers, you will never run out of things to enjoy while watching your horses train.

Owners are kept fully informed as to the progress and running plans of their horses. Email updates will be sent out as often as possible, usually daily, with information about training progress, vet work, race placement, and more.

Training and other expenses are billed monthly, at the end of each month. You will receive an invoice detailing all expenses for that month, including vet work, training, transportation, etc.  You will also receive credit memo’s reflecting purse earnings each month.  No waiting until the end of the year to see your horses’ winnings!  In the event that winnings offset expenses, you may request a check, and it will be mailed to you promptly.  After all, the winnings are one of the perks of owning racehorses.

We begin forming two-year-old partnerships in March, and continue into late May, or early June. Our yearling partnerships begin forming in August through November. Claiming partnerships are formed frequently throughout the year.

Zilla Racing Stables horses will race mostly in New York, but will run very frequently at other tracks in Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware and Florida. However, we will ship selected horses to any track when appropriate.

Jockeys are paid on a per mount basis. The fees are usually $100 per mount. This is the fee jockeys receive if they do not finish first, second, or third. The jockey of the winning horse receives an amount equal to 10% of the winning owner' s share of the total purse. The second place jockey receives 5% of the owner' s share of the second place purse money.  The third place jockey receives 5% of the owner' s share of the third place purse money. Trainers usually receive 10% of the owner’s share for any finishes first, second, or third (some 4th, and 5th). The assistant-trainer, groom, and exercise rider also can receive 1% of the earnings. Other small misc. expenses are paid to the track after each race (i.e. NY State Wagering Board, lasix, backstretch insurance, jockey club).

Zilla Racing Stables adds mortality insurance for their purchase price acquired via auction or private sale. These policies are adjusted over time, based on performance. Typically, insurance is not purchased on claiming horses, though should the horse become a stakes horse, it would be considered.  All owners are able to purchase mortality insurance on their horses if ZRS decides not to.

This is where we separate ourselves from the pack. We will be in direct and constant communication with every partner, providing detailed email updates, which often include photos and HD videos of their horses. When you see ZRS partners at the track ask them about the quality of our communication—they'll tell you! This is where we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

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Racing Statistics

Winning isn't easy. While the majority of racehorses lose money and many barely break even, we assure you our team prides ourselves in knowing what kind of performance we can expect our horses to deliver and we have a strong understanding of race placement. Our results have and will continue to prove that.

As of October 8, 2022

Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Win% ITM% EPS
682 124 112 109 $6,085,444 18% 51% $8,923