Not only is thoroughbred ownership an amazing experience, but also winning races often come with big financial rewards. Depending on the state, the purse distribution is usually allocated in the following way:

  Finish Percent of Purse
  1st 60%
  2nd 20%
  3rd 10%
  4th 5%
  5th 3%
  Rest of Field 2%

ZRS distributes purse earnings to each partner’s account shortly after the close of each month. An earnings report for each race is emailed to each partner in the form of a credit memo. pdf Click here to see a sample credit memo. (101 KB)  ***NOTE: As of 7/1/17 ZRS has moved to quarterly bookkeeping.


Partnerships allow for the pooling of resources to make the expense of thoroughbred ownership affordable. Typically, a horse training in NY average $48,000 per year. ZRS differentiates itself from other syndicates in that we bill expenses monthly. Though this creates more work for us, we replicate the way a traditional owner is billed. A partner can expect to pay about $40.00-55.00 (varies by each trainers day rate) each month per 1% of ownership. We also have a low monthly accounting/bookkeeping fee at $15.00 per member regadless of ownership share. pdf Click here to see a sample invoice (110 KB) . ***NOTE: As of 7/1/17 ZRS has moved to quarterly bookkeeping.

Check Request

Partners may request a check at anytime for any credit balance on their account once credit memos/invoices have been distributed. 


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