Zilla Racing Stables (ZRS) was established in June of 2012 with the purpose of creating thoroughbred partnerships, providing the full thrill of owning a racehorse. Located near Saratoga Springs, the heartland of American horse racing tradition, the love of thoroughbred racing runs deep in our blood. We pride ourselves in delivering the utmost in personal service and strive to build personal relationships with our partners who love and appreciate the sport of horse racing. 

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Thoroughbred ownership is not a traditional investment in any sense; there are big risks. At ZRS we aim to be honest and upfront, and we do not want to mislead future partners. The majority of racehorses lose money, and the rest barely break even. In fact, only a small percentage of horses have the ability to produce significant earnings. With that said, we advise potential partners to think of participation with ZRS the way passionate fanatics buy season tickets for their favorite sports teams. This approach will give you the most satisfaction and is the only reason you should want to get involved.

 One of the most important parts of thoroughbred ownership is to understand what is best for the horse, and the decision-making process is an essential component. We want our partners to have a say in their horses’ career paths and play an active role in all aspects of ownership. Our partners are members of the ZRS team. As a team, we operate with the input of our trainers and veterinarians, as well as with feedback from our riders, in order to make the most effective decisions for our horses.

Today, ZRS currently has more than one-hundred owners and a stable of twelve horses. We are seeking partners that want to go behind the scenes to learn what takes place on the other side of horse racing’s curtain. 

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Owning a racehorse is an enjoyable adventure packed with emotion, so why sit on the sidelines when you can become part of the ultimate racing experience? Partnering with us affords you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of thoroughbred ownership, including: decision-making in claims, paddock access, visits to the barn, and best of all—the thrill of a trip to the Winner's Circle! 

We look forward to building relationships with new partners who love horseracing, understand the risks involved, and still see the potential to be taken on the ride of a lifetime.

At Zilla Racing Stables we do our very best to make sure your experience is unforgettable. 



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