Message FounderZilla Racing Stables (ZRS) officially began operations in June of 2012. We are seeking members interested in getting into the business of thoroughbred ownership to experience the enjoyment of the highs—and, let's be honest—the lows of watching their horses race and meeting people with a similar attraction. With ZRS we'll take you behind the scene where you'll learn about horseracing and develop friendships with a group that loves the sport of horseracing.

We don't want to want to mislead our future partners into believing that owning a racehorse is an investment in the traditional sense. It is not. The majority of racehorses lose money—the rest barely break even. Only a small percentage have the ability to produce significant earnings. We advise potential members to think of participation with ZRS the way passionate fanatics buy season tickets for their favorite team. This approach will give you the most satisfaction and the reason we went into this "business." It's the only reason you should get into thoroughbred racing ownership.

With this in mind our goal is providing you with the utmost in personal service—we pride ourselves in keeping our partners informed at all times. While the majority of our initial owners came from the ranks of people we knew or through personal referrals, we look forward to building relationships with new partners who love horseracing and clearly understand the risks involved.

As managing partner of ZRS I will be in continuous communication with every owner of every horse. As a team we will work with the input of colleagues, trainers, veterinarians, as well as feedback from our riders in order to make the best decisions for our horses. We want everyone to have their say at ZRS and play an active part in their horse's career path. Otherwise, are you really an owner?


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