About Zilla Racing Stables

​Zilla Racing Stables was established for the purpose of creating thoroughbred partnerships and giving participants the full thrill of owning a racehorse. We are located near Saratoga Springs, a heartland of American horseracing tradition, where the love of thoroughbreds is in our blood.

We provide you the utmost in personal service and make sure you experience every exciting aspect of thoroughbred ownership. We strive to build personal relationships with our partners who love and appreciate the sport of horse racing. Owning a racehorse is an emotionally enjoyable adventure and we will do our best to make sure your participation is an amazing experience.

When Did It All Begin?

Zilla Racing Stables was established in the summer of 2012. Several of our earliest partners, who had previous ownerships in racehorse syndicates, had negative feelings about their involvement with thoroughbred partnerships, but we pledged to our new owners that we would deliver on our promise that Zilla Racing Stables was the real deal. A team determined to deliver the ultimate racing experience.

What was once a dream became a reality when we claimed our first racehorse on August 9th. This video is of Concert Stage, our very first thoroughbred. In this video you will experience the thrills we captured—from the day we dropped the slip to claim Concert Stage, to the heartbreaking day our first horse was claimed away. It's a period that we will never forget.

Why Own A Racehorse With Us?

Why sit on the sidelines when you can become part of the ultimate racing experience? Becoming a partner with Zilla Racing Stables affords you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of thoroughbred ownership including decision-making in claims, paddock access, visits to the barn, and best of all—the thrill of a trip to the Winner's Circle!

We operate with the input of our members, trainers and veterinarians as well as with feedback from our riders so we will be capable of making the most effective decisions for our horses. At Zilla Racing Stables we want our partners to have a say in their horses' career paths—you aren't really an owner otherwise!


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